Alien Species (1996)

USA, 1996

An American science fiction film directed by Peter Maris.


Directed by: Peter Maris
American Interactive Pictures presents an American Interactive Pictures production. A Peter Maris film
Executive Producer: Robert J. Koepel
Produced by: Peter Maris and Bill Crow
Associate Producer: Allen Maris
Written by: Nancy Newbauer
Director of Photography: Bill Crow
Edited by: Peter Kotis
Original Music Score by: Dan Kehler
Creature Effects: Alternative Realities
Art Director: Steve Lauberth

Charles Napier (Sheriff Nate Culver)
David Homb (Aaron Doyle)
Jodi Seronick (Carol Nelson)
Marc Robinson (Paul Towers)
Kurt Paul (Deputy Harlan Banks)
Robert Thompson (Deputy Ty Larsen)
Ashley Semrick (Stacy Chambers)
Aaron Jettleson (Max Poindexter)
Barbara Fierentino (Holly Capers)
Hoke Howell as Professor Edgar Chambers
Dave Johnson (Deputy David Stephens)
Roger Glugston (Mr Justice)
Lisa May (Denise Justice)
Mike Tremont
Diane Hay
Jill Blevins
Michael Reed

Alternative Titles

Alien Species – Die Nacht der Invasion – German title



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