Alien Predator (1985)

USA, Spain,
35mm film, colour, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American/Spanish science fiction/horror film directed by Deran Sarafian.

Plot Summary

The young in Spain encounter lethal alien lifeforms that were brought to Earth by Apollo 14 then tested on animals aboard SkyLab. But SkyLab has now crashed to Earth and the have survived, infect the locals and messily killing them. The holidaymakers pick up a scientist who has to get an antidote to a nearby laboratory.


Director: Deran Sarafian
Executive Producers: Edward L. Montoro, Eduard Sarlui, Helen Sarlui
Producer: Carlos Aured
Line Producer: Eduardo Rossoff
Co-producer: Michael Sourapas
Script: Deran Sarafian
Story: Noah Bloch
Director of Photography: Tote Trenas
Editors: Dennis M. Hill, Peter Teschner
Music: Chase/Rucker Productions
Costume Designer: Flavia Lovatelli
Special Effects: John Balandin
Special Creature Effects: Margaret Beserra, Mark Shostrom, Bill Sturgeon, James Cummins
Art Director: Gumersindo Andrés
Locations: Spain

Dennis Christopher (Damon)
Martin Hewitt (Michael)
Lynn-Holly Johnson (Samantha)
Luis Prendes (Dr Tracer)
J.O. Bosso (Captain J.J. Wells)
Christina Augustin (Baby Bodi)
Yousaf Bokhari (Mr Bodi)
Yolanda Palomo (Mrs Bodi)
Cristina San Juan (waitress)

Alternative Titles

Alien Predators
Cosmos mortal
– Spanish title
The Falling
Mutant II
– UK title
Uhka avaruudesta
– Finnish title
Drapiezca z kosmosu
– Polish title


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