Alien Nation (1988)

35mm film (Super 35, anamorphic), colour, 2.35:1
Dolby Stereo, English
Reviewed at The

An American science fiction film directed by Graham Baker.

Plot Summary

slaves, specially bred for manual labour, arrive on Earth and are given asylum. They are soon assimilated into society and even find their place in the LAPD, one such being Newcomer Sam Francisco who teams up with hard bitten detective Sykes whose previous partner had been gunned down by Newcomer (or slags, as the street vernacular has it) gunmen. The reluctant partners investigate a plot to supply the Newcomers with a highly addictive drug and grow to understand and appreciate each other better along the way.


Directed by: Graham Baker
Twentieth Century Fox. A Gale Ann Hurd/Richard Kobritz-Rockne S. O'Bannon production. A Graham Baker film. Produced in association with American Entertainment Partners II L.P.
Produced by: Gale Ann Hurd and Richard Kobritz
Written by: Rockne S. O'Bannon
Director of Photography: Adam Greenberg
Edited by: Kent Beyda
Music by: Curt Sobel
Sound Mixers: David MacMillan, Charles Wilborn
Costume Designer: Erica Phillips
Make Up: Zoltan, John Elliott, Michael Mills, Monty Westmore
Hair: Jan Alexander
Alien Created at: Stan Winston Studios by Alec Gillis, Shane Mahan, John Rosengrant, Tom Woodruff Jr, Shannon Shea
Alien Makeup Applied by: Zoltan and John Elliott
Special Effects Co-Ordinator: Stan Amborn
Special Effects: Jeffrey Machit, John Robles, Michael Stipe, Alan Rifkin, Richard Lopez
Video Effects: Video Image (Rhonda C. Gunner, Richard C. Hollander, Gregory L. McMurray, John C. Walsh, Robert H. Grasmere)
Production Designer: Jack T. Collis

James Caan (Matthew Sykes)
Mandy Patinkin (Sam Francisco)
Terence Stamp (William Harcourt)
Kevyn Major Howard (Kipling)
Leslie Bevis (Cassandra)
Peter Jason (Fedorchuk)
George Jenesky (Quint)
Jeff Kober (Josh Strader)
Roger Aaron Brown (Bill Tuggie)
Tony Simotes (Willey)
Michael David Simms (human dealer)
Ed Krieger (alien dealer)
Tony Perez (Alterez)
Brian Thompson (Trent Porter)
Frank McCarthy (Captain Warner)
Keone Young (Winter)
Don Hood (Maffet (?))
Earl Boen (Duncan Crois)
William E. Dearth (coroner's technician)
Robert Starr (coroner's attendant)

Alternative Titles

Alien nation, Nazione di alieni – Italian title
Future Tense – working title
Outer Heat – working title
Spacecop L.A. 1991 – German title

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