Alien Intruder (1993)


An American science fiction film directed by Ricardo Jacques Gale.

Plot Summary

A group of convicts are sent to an apparently abandoned spaceship in a dangerous region of space. To help pass the time on the way, the troops are allowed weekly trips into a – but someone has reprogrammed it with fatal consequences…


Director: Ricardo Jacques Gale
PM Entertainment Group
Producers: Richard Pepin, Joseph Merhi
Co-Producers: Charla Driver, Stephen Lieb
Script: Nick Stone
Director of Photography: Michael Pinkney
Editors: Ron Cabreros, Lorne Morris, Peter Volk
Music: Miriam Cutler
Special Effects: Frank H. Isaacs
Mechanical Effects: Dick Gardner
Production Designers: Summer Swan, Dick Gardner

Billy Dee Williams (Commander Skyler)
Melinda Armstrong (Tammy)
Maxwell Caulfield (Nick)
Richard Cody (D.J.)
Jeff Conaway (Borman)
Stephen Davies (Peter)
Joe Durrenberger (android body guard for Commander Skyler)
Veronica Hart (Turk's mama)
Lauren Hays (Roni)
Kevin Lowe
Shano Palovich (Warden O'Neil)
Gary Roberts (Lloyd)
Adrienne Sachs (Yvonne)
Tracy Scoggins (Ariel)
Gwen Somers (Annie)



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