Alien from LA (1988)


An American science fiction film directed by Albert Pyun.

Plot Summary

Shy Wanda finds her boring life turned upside down when her archaeologist father disappears while searching for the lost city of . Wanda sets out in search him and finds herself in a strange subterranean world where no-one believes that anyone lives in the open air.


Directed by: Albert Pyun
The Cannon Group, Inc. presentsa Golan-Globus production. An Albert Pyun film
Executive Producer: Avi Lerner
Produced by: Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus
Written by: Debra Ricci & Regina Davis and Albert Pyun
Director of Photography: Tom Fraser
Edited by: Daniel Loewenthal
Music by: James Saad, Tony Riparetti, Steve LeCassick and Jim Andron
Sound Mixer: Alan Gerhardt
Costume Designer: Birgitta Bjerke
Special Makeup Design: Pamela L. Peitzman
Special Effects Supervisor: John Hartigan
Visual Effects: Fantasy II
Production Designer: Pamela Warner

Kathy Ireland (Wanda Saknussemm)
Thom Mathews (Charmin)
Don Michael Paul (Robbie)
Linda Kerridge (Auntie Pearl/Freki)
Janie Du Plessis (General Rykov/Shank)
Russel Savadier (Loki)
Simon Poland (Consul Triton Crassus/mailman)
Lochner De Kock (Paddy Mahoney/Professor Ovid Galba)
Albert Maritz (Mago/maintenance guy/Evangelist/Pack Slag Jack)
Deep Roy (Mambino)
Kristen Trucksess (Stacy)
Richard Haines as Professor Arnold Saknussemm
William R. Moses as Guten “Gus” Edway
Denis Smith (anchorman)
James Lithgow (Donaldson/wrestling announcer/Emcee)
Christian Andrews (Brick Bardo)
Drummond Marais (Belli the bookie/Belguy the busybody/maintenance chief)
Fats Bookholane (Lord Over/diner cook/bartender)
Paul Jacobs (Dr Madagasi)
Jeff Weston (Tole)

Alternative Titles

Atlantis, den försvunna staden – Swedish title
Muukalainen L.A.:sta – Finnish title
Odeon – working title
Wanda – US TV title


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