Alien Arsenal (1999)

colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American science fiction television film directed by David DeCoteau using the name Julian Breen.


A pair of high school become when they discover a hidden cache of alien weapons and technology. But how will they cope when the equipment's original owners come looking for it?


Director: Julian Breen [real name: David DeCoteau]
Full Moon Productions
Executive Producer: Charles Band
Script: Matthew Jason Walsh
Directorof Photography: Viorel Sergovici Jr
Production Designer: Hunter Cressall

Josh Hammond (Ralph)
Danielle Hoover (Baxter)
Michelle Nordin (Felicia)
Krisztián Kovács (Flash)
Jerrod Cornish (Monty)
William Vogt (Lance)
Riley Smith (Chad)
Dominic Catrambone (Phil)
Stephanie Mennella Jill)
Chris Olivero (Bill)
Robert Donovan (Mr Lipkis)
Brenda Blondell (Mrs O'Joulihan)
Brannon Gould (manager)
Matt Steveley (waiter)
Joe Danzo (construction worker 1)
Heath Titan (construction worker 2)
Scott Boyer (construction worker 3)
Ryan Van Steenis (friend)
Betheny Zolt (female student 1)
Michelle Katz (female student 2)
Jessica Michele Kiper (female student 3)
Walsh Creen Carvalino (student)
Kim Robert Koscki (thug)

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