Alien Agenda: Out of the Darkness (1996)

USA, 1996

An American science fiction film directed by Kevin Lindenmuth and Mick McCleery.

Plot Summary

In the future, The last survivor of the human race is able to see into the past using a strange machine. He sees Doctor David Lodge who tries to find the twin brother who he believes has ruined his life, then sees how a homeless girl came to befriend an alien who feeds off human lifeforce.


Director: Kevin Lindenmuth, Mick McCleery
Brimstone Pictures
Producer: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Script: Kevin J. Lindenmuth, Mick McCleery
Directors of Photography: Kevin J. Lindenmuth, Mick McCleery
Editors: Kevin J. Lindenmuth, Mick McCleery
Music: Billy Franks
Special Make Up Effects: Rafael Argus

The Seedling
Mick McCleery (survivor)
Candice Meade (woman)

Limited Vision
John Collins (David Lodge)
Marcus Zanders (Joey Potts)
Colleen McCleery (Lynda Lodge)
Alicia Draper (daughter)
Gary Putz (Johnny Krebs)
Rutger Powell (gas jockey)
Bill Trainer (casino guy)
Richard Kimble (Hank Buchman)

Sasha Graham (Becky)
Scooter McCrae (Sam)
Jeffrey Arsenault (bicycler)
Joel D. Wynkoop (father)
Rick Poli (Detective Yonker)
Michael Gingold (victim)

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