Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998)

USA, 20 January
videotape, colour, 4:3
stereo, English
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An American science fiction television film in the “” format, directed by Dean Alioto.

Plot Summary

A Thanksgiving family gathering takes a horrific turn when their farmhouse is apparently besieged by . The event is filmed by one of the family members and this recording is the only evidence of what happened to the McPherson family.


Directed by: Dean Alioto
© 1998 The Dick Clark Film Group, Inc.
Dick Clark Productions
Executive Producers: Dick Clark and Neil Stearns
Supervising Producer: Don Wollman
Produced by: Terry Landau, Dean Alioto
Teleplay by: Paul Chitlik
Story by: Dean Alioto
Director of Photography: David Pelletier
Edited by: Scott Bloom
Sound Mixer: Brent Marchesnki
Costumer: Cathy Darby
Key Make-up Artist: Rebecca Simmons
Spaceship Design: Clyde Klotz
Ship Builder: HKO Film Art Ltd.
Special Effects: Jim Fisher, Tim Storvick
Creature Design: Toby Lindala
Visual Effects: Velocity Visions
Production Designer: Paul Joyal
Locations: Vancouver, Canada

Benz Antoine as Matthew [McPherson]
Kristian Ayre as Tommy [McPherson]
Gillian Barber as mom [Roselyn McPherson]
Michael Buie as Brian [McPherson]
Emmanuelle Chriqui as Renee [Laurent]
Marya Delver as Melanie
Katlyn Ducharme as Rosie [McPherson]
Ingrid Kavelaars as Linda [McPherson]
Aaron Pearl as Kurt [McPherson]
Dean Alioto (Damian Hawkins)
Bart Anderson (Professor Green)
Gary Hetherington (Colonel Hampton)
Gareth Moses (Julian Bond)
Suzanne Ristic (Aileen Burchess)
Jim Smith (Sheriff Tilson)
Oliver Svensson Tan (Jason Arnett)
Shari Khademi (alien 1)
Myles Wolf (alien 2)
Zbyszek Kazak (alien 3)
Janine Sikora (alien 4)

Alternative Titles

Alien Abduction – UK title
Alien Abduction: The McPherson Tape – UK title
Estranhas Criaturas – Brazilian title
Extrañas criaturas – Argentine title
Incident in Lake County

Remake of
UFO Encounter (1989)