Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1972)

95m (USA), 101m
35mm film, Todd-AO 35, colour, 2.35:1
mono, English
Reviewed at The

A British fantasy film directed by William Sterling.

Plot Summary

When Alice falls asleep she dreams of chasing a white rabbit down a rabbit-hole and finds herself in the weird world of Wonderland.


Directed by: William Sterling
© MCMLXXII Joseph Shaftel Productions
American National Enterprises presents (US prints only). A Joseph Shaftel production
Executive Producer: Josef Shaftel
Producer: Derek Horne
Written for the Screen by: William Sterling
Books: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll (credited only as a possessive above the title)
Photographed by: Geoffrey Unsworth
Editor: Peter Weatherley
Music Composed by: John Barry
Sound Recordists: Bob Jones, Ken Ritchie
Costume Designer: Anthony Mendleson
Make-up Created and Supervised by: Stuart Freeborn
Hairdresser: Biddy Crystal
Special Effects by: Ted Samuels, Doug Ferris, Roy Whybrow
Production Designer: Michael Stringer

Hywel Bennett (Duckworth)
Michael Crawford (White Rabbit)
Robert Helpmann (The Mad Hatter)
Michael Hordern (Mock Turtle)
Michael Jayston (Lewis Carroll)
Davy Kaye (Mouse)
Roy Kinnear (Cheshire Cat)
Dudley Moore (Dormouse)
Dennis Price (King of Hearts)
Flora Robson (Queen of Hearts)
Peter Sellers (The March Hare)
Rodney Bewes (Knave of Hearts)
Ray Brooks (5 of Spades)
Peter Bull (Duchess)
Richard Warwick (7 of Spades)
Patsy Rowlands (cook)
Dennis Waterman (2 of Spades)
Freddie Earlle (guinea pig Pat)
Freddie Chagrin (Bill the lizard)
Frank Cox (Tweedledee)
Fred Cox (Tweedledum)
Fiona Fullerton as Alice

Alternative Titles

Adventures in Wonderland – early title
Le avventure di Alice nel paese delle meraviglie – Italian title


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