Alice in Wonderland (1949)

UK, France,
45m (UK TV preview version), 75m (UK), 83m, 6,772 feet (UK)
35mm film, Anscocolor, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British/French fantasy film directed by Dallas Bower.


Director: Dallas Bower
Lou Bunin Productions, Union Générale Cinématographie, Rank
Producer: Lou Bunin
Co-Producer: Marc Maurette
Script: Henry Myers, Albert E. Lewin, Edward Eliscu
Books: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
Live Action Footage Director of Photography: Gerald Gibbs
French Version Director of Photography: Claude Renoir
Animation Footage Director of Photography: Erwin Broner
Supervising Editor: Inman (Ted) Hunter
Editors: Marity Cleris, Jacqueline Thiebot
Music: Sol Kaplan
Lyrics: Henry Myers, Edward Eliscu
Sound Recordist: Charles Testo
Costume Designer/Make Up: Florence Bunin
Special Effects: Irving Block
Puppet Animators: William King, Ben Radin, Oscar Fessler
Animation Consultant: Art Babbitt
Layout Designer: Eugene Fleury
Puppets Production Designer: Bernyce Polifka
Art Director: Irving Block

Carol Marsh (Alice Liddell)
Stephen Murray (The Reverend Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll)
Pamela Brown (Queen Victoria)
Ernest Milton (Vice Chancellor)
Felix Aylmer (Dr Liddell)
David Reed (Albert, The Prince Consort)
Joan Dale (Edith Liddell)
Elizabeth Henson (Lorena Liddell)
Raymond Bussières (tailor)
Stephen Murray (Knave of Hearts)
Pamela Brown (Queen of Hearts)
Ernest Milton (White Rabbit)
Felix Aylmer (Cheshire Cat)
David Read (King of Hearts)
Raymond Bussières (Mad Hatter)
Joyce Grenfell (Ugly Duchess)
Jack Train
Ivan Staff

Alternative Titles

Alice au pays des merveilles – French title



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