Alias John Preston (1955)

35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British horror film directed by David MacDonald.

Plot Summary

John Preston arrives in the small town of Deanbridge and begins to invest some of his considerable wealth in local businesses. He meets Sally, who he tempts away from her boyfriend and she agrees to marry him. But he soon starts to have dreams about Sylvia, a former lover, who then arrives in town bent on blackmailing him…


* = uncredited

Directed by: David MacDonald
© MCMLV [1955] by Danziger Photoplays
Produced by: Sid Stone
Story by: Paul Tabori
Director of Photography: Jack Cox
Editors: Cynthia Moody & Jack Baldwin
Music by: Edwin Astley and Albert Elms
Sound Recordist: Gerry Turner
Wardrobe Mistress: Marie Feldwick
Make-Up: Sidney Turner
Hairdresser: Pauline Trent
Art Director: Erik Blakemore

Betta St John (Sally Sandford)
Alexander Knox (Dr Peter Walton)
Christopher Lee (David Garrity, alias John Preston)
Sandra Dorne (Sylvia in dream)
Pat Holt (Sylvia's husband in dream)
Betty Ann Davies (Mrs Sandford)
John Stuart (Dr Underwood)
Bill Fraser (Joe Newton)
Gabrielle Gay
Peter Grant (Bob Newton)
John Longden (Richard Sandford)
Guido Lorraine
Dinah Ann Rogers
Nicholas Hill *
Leonard Sharp *
Mona Washbourne *
Ben Williams *



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