Algol – Tragödie der Macht (1920)

Germany, 1920
35mm film, black and white (tinted and toned), 1.33:1

A German science fiction film directed by Hans Werckmeister.

Plot Summary

An alien from the planet Algol gives a man superpowers.


Directed by: Hans Werckmeister
Deutsche Lichtbild-Gesellschaft e.V.
Written by: Hans Brennert, Friedel Köhne
Director of Photography: Axel Graatkjær, Hermann Kircheldorff
Art Directors: Walter Reimann, Paul Scheerbart

Emil Jannings (Robert Herne)
John Gottowt (Algol)
Hans Adalbert Schlettow (Peter Hell)
Hanna Ralph (Maria Obal)
Erna Morena (Yella Ward)
Ernst Hofmann (Reginald Herne)
Gertrude Welcker (Leonore Nissen)
Käthe Haack (Magda Herne)
Sebastian Droste (dancer)

Alternative Titles

Power – US title



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