Alferd Packer: The Musical (1996)

16mm film (blown up to 35mm film), colour
mono, English

An American comedy musical horror film directed by Trey Parker.

Plot Summary

Mountain guide Alfred Packer is the only survivor from a party of pioneers that get lost in the mountains one winter. When he's rescued, he's put on trial accused of murder and and .


Director: Trey Parker
Avenging Conscience, Cannibal Films Ltd
Executive Producers: Alexandra Kelly, Andrew Kemler, Jason McHugh
Producers: Ian Hardin, Alexandra Kelly, Jason McHugh, Trey Parker, Matthew Stone
Associate Producer: Edward Henwood
Script: Trey Parker, Matt Stone *
Directors of Photography: Robert Muratore, Chris Graves
Editor: Ian Hardin
Music: Trey Parker, Rich Sanders
Production Sound Mixer: Jon Null
Costume Designer: Elki Neiberger
Make Up: Kate Carney
Special Effects: Tim Drnec
Production Designer: David Hedge

Juan Schwartz [real name: Trey Parker.[/mfn] (Alferd Packer)
Ian Hardin (Shannon Bell)
Matt Stone (James Humphrey)
Jon Hegel (Israel Swan)
Jason McHugh (Frank Miller)
Dian Bachar (George Noon)
Toddy Walters (Polly Pry)
Robert Muratore (Jean ‘Frenchy' Cabazon)
Andrew Kemler (Preston Nutter)
Edward Henwood (O.D. Loutzenheiser/The Cyclops)
Stan Brakhage (Mr Noon)
Masao Maki (Indian Chief)
Brad Gordon (Mr Mills)
Marty Leeper (Sheriff Amos Wall of Saguache)
Steve Jackson (Sheriff of Lake City)
Randy Parker (Judge Melville B. Gerry)
Kevin Allen (confused guy)
Stephen Blackpool (Black Cat)
Dan Brother (guard 2)
Dave Hardin (drummer)

Alternative Titles

Cannibal! The Musical – UK/US video title

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Extracts included in
Orgazmo (1997)


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