Alerte au sud (1953)

France, Italy, 1953
35mm film, Gevacolor, 1.37:1
mono, English

A French/Italian science fiction film directed by Jean Devaivre.

Plot Summary

French Foreign Legion officers Jean and Serge are serving in Morocco when they witness the testing of a new weapon designed to destroy aircraft in flight. When Serge is killed by the authorities as they try to cover up their experiments, Jean sets out to take his revenge.


Director: Jean Devaivre
Fono Roma, Neptune, Sirius
Producers: Jean Devaivre, Lucien Masson
Script: Jean Devaivre, Jean-Paul Le Chanois
Director of Photography: Lucien Joulin
Editor: Raymond Lamy
Music: Joseph Kosma
Art Director: Robert Hubert

Lia Amanda (Michèle)
Paulette Andrieux
Simone Bach
Antoine Balpêtré
Thomy Bourdelle
Gianna Maria Canale (Nathalie Provence)
Albert Dinan
Daniel Lecourtois
Dario Michaelis
Jean Murat (colonel)
Jean-Claude Pascal (Jean Pasqier)
Marcel Pérès
Daniel Sorano (Serge Depoigny)
Jean Tissier (Guillaume Provence)
Peter van Eyck (Howard)
Erich von Stroheim (Conrad Nagel)

Alternative Titles

Alert in the South
Allarme au sud
Alarm in Marokko
Allarme a sud
– Italian title
Alerta en el sur
– Spanish title
Hälytys etelässä
– Finnish title


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