Akbar’s Cheetah (1999)


A British animated television short directed by Iain Gardner.

Plot Summary

In the late sixteenth century, Akbar, the Emperor of Hindustan, finds a way to breed in captivity.


Directed by: Iain Gardner
Channel Four Television Productions MCMXCIX [1999]
A Varga TVC production for Channel 4
Producer: Ian McCue
Assistant Producer: Caroline Hayes
Written by: Iain Gardner
Animation: Roger Mainwood, Iain Gardner, Richard James, Stephen Harper, Vince Reilly, Elroy Simmons, Nicolette Van Gendt, Ray Newman, Stephen Palmer, Nathan Yeoman
Rendering: Lloyd Ellis, Fiona Woodcock, Janette Taylor, Lisa Ferris, Darren Wall
Camera: Rostrum Cameras
Editor: Stuart Parmenter
Post Production: Hackenbacker
Music Composed by: Nicholas Hooper
Sitar Player: Dharambir Singh
Mixed at: Hat's Off Studios
Designed by: Iain Gardner
Studio Assistant: Jo Webster
Special Thanks to: Dave Unwin; Lisa Beattie; Ken Anderson