Ajnabi Saaya (1989)

India, 1989
videotape, colour

An Indian horror film directed by Prasun Banerjee.

Plot Summary

Rajesh is heartbroken when his wife Sheela dies in a car accident, but eventually he pieces his life back together and falls in love with another woman. Then Sheela re-appears claiming that she didn’t die in the crash but was only unconscious – but is she all that she seems?


Director: Prasun Banerjee
Prasun Banerjee Productions
Producer: Prasun Banerjee
Script: Prasun Banerjee
Director of Photography: Mustafa Rizvi
Editor: Prasun Banerjee
Music Director: Dilip Dutta
Lyrics: Gufi Paintal, Satyen Sharma, Gumrah Kaynati, Qaiser ul-Jafri

Abhay Kumar
Girish Dube
Shakti Kapoor
Deepak Shirke
Bharat Kapoor
Sulabha Deshpande
Jayaa Mathur
Kishore Bhanushali
Kiran Kumar


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