Air Hawks (1935)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Albert S. Rogell.

Plot Summary

A secret agent is called in to investigate a mysterious ray gun that can immobilize all motors and engines.


Director: Albert S. Rogell
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Producers: Harry Cohn, Ben Pivar
Script/Adaptation: Griffin Jay, Grace Neville
Story: Ben Pivar
Director of Photography: Henry Freulich
Editor: Richard Cahoon
Music: Mischa Bakaleinikoff *, W. Franke Harling *, Howard Jackson *, Louis Silvers *
Sound Engineer: Edward Bernds

Ralph Bellamy (Major Barry Eldon)
Wiley Post (himself)
Tala Birell (Renee Dupont)
Douglass Dumbrille (Victor Arnold)
Robert Allen (Bill ‘Okay' Lewis)
Billie Seward (Mona Greenwood)
Victor Kilian (‘Tiny' Davis)
Robert Middlemass (Martin Drewen)
Geneva Mitchell (Gertie Dunlap)
Wyrley Birch (Holden)
Edward Van Sloan (Professor Schulter)

Alternative Titles

Air Fury – working title
Deathray – Swedish title
I distruttori – Italian title
Dödsstrålen – Swedish title
De stjålne dødsstråler – Danish title
O Raio da Morte – Portuguese title
O Raio Mortífero – Brazilian title
El rayo mortífero – Spanish title
空の殺人光線 – Japanese title



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