Agnes Cecilia – en sällsam historia (1991)

133m, 3656 metres
35nn film, Eastmancolor
Dolby, Swedish

A Swedish horror film directed by Anders Gronros.

Plot Summary

15 year old Nora lives with her foster parents Anders and Karin and their son Dag. They move to an apartment in Enkoeping where they discover hidden in the walls some of the belongings of the people who lived there many years before. Soon they are getting mysterious phone calls and their dog refuses to enter a particular room. Nora soon discovers that their new home is being haunted by the ghost of the mysterious Agnes Cecilia…


Director: Anders Gronros
SVT Drama, Svensk Filmindustri AB, Svenska Filminstitutet
Producers: Waldemar Bergendahl, Ingrid Dalunde
Script: Anders Grönros, Margareta Simonsson-Sarnecki
Novel: Maria Gripe
Director of Photography: Per Källberg
Editors: Göran Carmback, Christer Furubrand, Anders Grönros
Music: Johan Söderqvist
Sound: Klas Dykhoff, Christjan Persson
Costume Designer: Charlott Axenström
Production Designers: Niklas Ejve, Kristoffer Sjöström

Gloria Tapia (Nora)
Ron Elfors (Dag)
Stina Ekblad (Karin)
Allan Svensson (Anders)
Vanna Rosenberg (Lena)
Mimi Pollak (Hulda)
Suzanne Reuter (Carola)
Måns Westfelt (doctor)
Fredrik Grundel (teacher)
Anne Otto (nurse)
Clemens Paal (builder)

Alternative Titles

Agnes Cecilia Vieras aikojen takaa – Finnish title



  • Dagens Nyheter 17 March 1992 p.B12 – review (Livet aer en skola. Aarets Guldbaggevinnare anar en annan verklighet by Ann Helena Rudberg)


  • Horror and Science Fiction Films IV by Donald C. Willis p.6 – credits