Agente 003, operación Atlántida (1965)

Spain, Italy,
88m [Spain], 100m [Italy]
35mm film, Techniscope, Technicolor, 2.35:1

A Spanish/Italian borderline science fiction film directed by Domenico Paolella using the pseudonym Paul Fleming.

Plot Summary

An American secret agent uncovers a plot by Red Chinese forces to build a secret nuclear-powered city which they plan to use as a springboard for a full invasion of the United States.


Director: Paul Fleming [real name: Domenico Paolella]
© MCMLXVI [1966] American International Productions [US TV prints only]
American International TV presents [US TV prints only]. Splendor-Fisa
Produced by: Fernando Felicioni
Story and Screenplay: Vic Powell [real name: Vinicio Marinucci]
Story and Screenplay [not credited on US TV prints]: Víctor Auz, José López Moreno, Domenico Paolella
Directors of Photography: Francisco Sanchez [real name: Francisco Sánchez Muñoz], Marcello Masciocchi
Editor: Antonietta Zita [not credited on US TV prints]
Music by: Teo Usuelli
Sound Engineer: Bernardino Fronzetti [not credited on US TV prints]
Costume Designer: Elio Micheli [not credited on US TV prints]
Special Effects: Antonio Grilli [not credited on US TV prints]
Production Designer: Elio Micheli [not credited on US TV prints]

John Ericson as George Steele
Berna Rock [real name: Bernardina Sarrocco] [Albia]
María Granada [Fatma]
Carlo Hinterman [Professor Reich]
Beni Deus [Ben Ullah]
José Manuel Martín [Nailawi]
Erika Blanc [Kate]
Tullio Altamura
Dario De Grassi
Mino Doro
Cristina Gajoni
Dario Michaelis [uncredited on US TV prints]
Luigi Tosi [uncredited on US TV prints]
Franco Ressel [uncredited on US TV prints]
Tina Conte [uncredited on US TV prints]
Renato Terra Caizi [uncredited on US TV prints]

Alternative Titles

003 agent secret – France
Agente S03: operazione Atlantide – Italy
Operation Atlantis – USA (television)
Operation Sahara – blodigt uppdrag – Sweden



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