Against the Crowd (1975)

UK, 13 July -31 August 1975
1 series, 7 episodes, average 50m each
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British television anthology series of seven individual plays on the theme of people who go “against the crowd” and hold opposing views to the majority. It seems to be best remembered today for its episode Murrain (27 July 1975) written by Nigel Kneale.


Note that only one episode has any genre interest.

Tell it to the Chancellor (13 July 1975)
Poor Baby (20 July 1975)
Murrain (27 July 1975)
Carbon Copy (3 August 1975)
Blind Man's Buff (10 August 1975)
We Are All Guilty (17 August 1975)
Bread and Circuses (31 August 1975)