Ag-eo-ui gongpo (1978)

South Korea, Thailand, 1977
35mm film, colour
mono, Korean

A South Korean horror film directed by Lee Won-Se. There’s a huge amount of confusion surrounding this film and who actually directed it. Some sources suggest that its the same film as Chorakhe, also know as Crocodile and supposedly directed by either Sompote Saengdunchai (using the pseudonym Sompote Sands) or Kazuo Sagawa, depending on which print you see. If it is the same film then at least two different versions are known to exist, one released in Thailand and the other, supervised by Dick Randall, released internationally. Both versions feature different footage and music and both feature scenes of real animal cruelty.

Plot Summary

A giant crocodile is on the rampage and a small band of adventurers may be the only ones who can stop it.


Director: Lee Won-Se? Sompote Sands [real name: Sompote Saengdunchai]? Kazuo Sagawa?
Han Jin Enterprises Co. Ltd
Producer: Han Gap-Jin
Script: Yoo Yeol, Yeo Su-Jung
Directors of Photography: Jeong Il-Seong, Park Seung-Bae
Editor: Hyeon Dong-Chun
Music: Jeong Min-Seob
Sound Recordist: Han Yang
Art Director: Cho Kyeong-Hwan

Min Wu
Shin In-Il
Wang Eun-Hee
Baam Yukali

Alternative Titles

Agowa Gongpo – alternative spelling
Chorakhe – Thai title?
Coccodrillo – Italian title
Croc – early title
Crocodile – alternative title
Horror of the Alligator, The
Jorrakay – alternative Thai title?

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