After Midnight (1989)

USA, 1989
35mm, colour
Ultra-Stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Ken and Jim Wheat.

Plot Summary

High school lecturer Derek welcomes a new intake of eager young students to his Psychology of Fear lessons, but one of his class, Alison is nervous and unsure of what is about to happen. And rightly so as Derek has some unusual teaching methods that involve pointing guns at students, faking his own suicide during class and eventually getting himself chastised by the dean and forced to continue his lessons at home. Six students turn up at the height of a storm and Derek embarks on a night of terror which mostly involves his guests telling macabre stories while Alison has psychic visions and a madman with an axe lurks outside. The first story is that of a husband who accidentally decapitates his wife in an old house when a birthday surprise goes wrong; story two involves four teenage girls who encounter a rapacious madman in an abandoned gas station and end up being pursued by his trio of attack dogs; and finally there’s the tale of a woman injured in a ski accident who returns to her job on night shift staffing a telephone answering service who is menaced by a psychotic killer.


Directed by: Ken and Jim Wheat
© 1989 MGM/UA Pictures, Inc.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [opening logo] A High Bar Pictures production
Executive Producers: Barry J. Hirsch and Allan Dennis
Produced by: Ken and Jim Wheat
Produced by: Richard Arlook and Peter Greene
Line Producer: Michael Bennett
Written by: Ken and Jim Wheat
Director of Photography: Phedon Papamichael
Edited by: Phillip Linson, Quinnie Martin Jr
Music by: Marc Donahue
Sound Mixer: Agamemnon Andrianos
Costume Designer: Jan Rowton
Make-up Supervisor: Marietta Carter
Key Hair Stylist/Make-up Artist: Beatrice De Alba
Special Make-up Effects by: Lance Anderson
Special Effects Coordinator: Roy Downey
Visual Effects Produced by: VCE/Peter Kuran
Stop Motion Animation: Doug Beswick Productions
Production Designer: Paul Chadwick

Allison’s Story
Jillian McWhirter (Allison)
Pamela Segall (Cheryl)
Ramy Zada (Professor Edward Derek)
Ed Monaghan (Russ)
Richard Gabai (Dave)
Kerry Remsen (Maggie)
Kent Burden (Ron)
Patty Avery (Pat)
Shaun Shimoda (guy)
Francee Greer (girl)

The Old Dark House
Nadine Van der Velde (Joan)
Marc McClure (Kevin)

A Night on the Town
Tracy Wells (Amy)
Judie Aronson (Jennifer)
Penelope Sudrow (Kelly)
Monique Salcido (Lisa)
Luis Contreras (the dog’s master)

All Night Operator
Marg Helgenberger (Alex)
Billy Ray Sharkey (Ray)
Loyda Ramos (Molly)
Alan Rosenberg (Richard)
Jordana Capra (Vanessa)

Alternative Titles

Efter midnatt – Swedish title
Po pólnocy – Polish title
Ribelli lingue bagnate – Italian title


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