After Death (1988)

Italy, 1988
35mm film, colour
English, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Claudio Fragasso using the pseudonym Clyde Anderson.

Plot Summary

While investigating the island where her parents were killed while working on a cure for cancer, Jenny encounters a horde of zombies who have been accidentally revived by the researchers, earning the anger of a local voodoo priest. Jenny teams up with a group of mercenaries and the surviving researchers to battle the zombies.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Clyde Anderson [real name: Claudio Fragasso]
MCMLXXXVIII [1988] Flora Film Production
Franco Gaudenzi presents a film by Clyde Anderson [real name: Claudio Fragasso]. A Flora Film production
Story and Screenplay by: Rossella Drudi
Director of Photography: Luis Ciccarese
Editor: Maurizio Baglivo
Music Composed by: Al Festa
[Sound] Mixage: Claudio Budassi
Wardrobe (Philippine Crew): Julie de Guzman
Make up: Franco di Girolamo
Special Make Up Effects by: Franco Digirolamo
Special Effects (Philippine Crew): Rodolfo Torrente
Special Optical Effects by: Francesco and Gaetano Paolocci
Art Director: Bart Scavia
Locations: Philippines *

Chuck Peyton [real name: Jeff Stryker] (Chuck)
Candice Daly (Jenny)
Alex McBride [real name: Massimo Vanni] (David)
Don Wilson (Tommy)
Jim Gaines (Dan)
Adrianne Joseph (Louise)
Jim Moss (Mad)
Nick Nicholson (Rod)

Alternative Titles

Fas Böse ist wieder da – German title
Oltre la morte – Italian title
Zombie 4: After Death

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