After Darkness (1985)

Switzerland, UK,

A British/Swiss horror film directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard and Sergio Guerraz.

Plot Summary

Peter Hunningford arranges for his younger brother Laurence to be released from a psychiatric hospital and determines to cure him of his suicidal tendencies himself. But Laurence is haunted by of a lost twin and continually asks “Do I stand before the king?” Will Peter survive his attempts to ‘normalise' Laurence?


Directed by: Dominique Othenin-Girard, Sergio Guerraz
© T&C Film AG 1985
Philum Inc. presents a T&C Film production co-produced with Green Man Productions in association with Ecco AG, Zürich, Television Suisse Romande SSR
Executive Producer: Marcel Hoehn
Produced by: Marcel Hoehn, Hans Ulrich Jordi, T&C Film AG, Zürich
Co-produced by: Don Hawkins, Kevin Attew, Green Man Productions Ltd. London
Written by: Sergio Guerraz, Dominique Othenin-Girard
In collaboration with Robert Smith
Director of Photography: William Lubtchansky
Editor: Daniela Roderer
Music by: Ben Jeger
Sound: Luc Yersin
Costume Designer: Denise Fusco
Make-up: Susanne Pisteur
Special Effects Make-up: Giacomo Peier
Art Director: Yanko Hodjis

John Hurt (Peter [Hunningford])
Julian Sands (Laurence [Hunningford])
Victoria Abril (Pascale)
Pamela Salem (Elisabeth)
Gerd Heinz (care-taker)
Lise Ramu (care-taker's wife)
William Jacques (Dr Coles)
Jacqueline Moore (mother children)
Philippe Herzog (Laurence child)
Michael Herzog (Jan child)
Peter Kristen (Peter child)
Nirmalu Lopez-Bravo (medium)
Alexandra Cuypers (Sara)
Soledad Aizpurua (interpreter)
Anne-Marie Delbart (Helen)
Jean-Pierre Gos (engineer)

Alternative Titles

After Dark
Nach der Finsternis
– Germany



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