After Beardsley (1981)


A British animated short film directed by Chris James.

Plot Summary

An attempt to depict the modern world through the drawing style of Aubrey Beardsley.


Directed by: Chris James
[©] MCMLXXXI [1981]
Made by Hammersmith. Production partially finance by The Arts Council of G.B.
Produced by: Chris James
Written by: Chris James
Drawn by: Chris James
After Aubrey Beardsley
Animation and Tracing by: Chris James
Painting: Patricia McCourt, Victoria Lacy and C.J.
Photographs of Beardsley Coloured by: Helena Zakchevska-Rucinska
Airbrushing: Ann Bubis
Camera: Julian Holdaway (The Cartoon Camera Co.)
Music by: Ronnie Fowler
Sound Effects by: Ronnie Fowler
Recorded at: Fleet Studio
Photos courtesy of The Victoria & Albert Museum and The Hulton Picture Library