Aenigma (1987)

Italy, Yugoslavia, 1987
85m (USA), 90m (Italy), 2415 metres
35mm film, colour

An Italian/Yugoslavian horror film directed by Lucio Fulci.

Plot Summary

Kathy is the butt of a cruel practical joke involving a sports teacher, sprung on her by her vindictive classmates. She winds up in hospital when the joke goes horribly wrong and she’s run down in a traffic accident. She seems to die in hospital but her spirit proves possesses the body of a newcomer to the exclusive girls’ school, Eva, who has only recently recovered from a nervous breakdown. As Kathy’s apparently dead body begins showing signs of cerebral activity, she uses Eva as a medium through which to avenge herself on her persecutors.


* = uncredited

Director: Lucio Fulci
© [not given on screen]
Ettore Spagnuolo presents a film produced by Ettore Spagnuolo for A.M. Trading International s.r.l. Roma
Executive Producer: Walter Bigari
Story and Script: Giorgio Mariuzzo, Lucio Fulci
Director of Photography: Luigi Ciccarese
Edited by: Vanio Amici
Original Music Composed and Directed by: Carlo Maria Cordio
Mixer: Bruno Monreal
Costumes: Karlo Klemencic’
Make Up: Giuseppe Ferranti
Hair: Maria Teresa Carrera
Special Effects: Production Film 82 s.n.c.
Special Photographic Effects: Lucio Fulci
Art Director: Kemo Hrustanovic
Locations: Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Jared Martin (Dr Robert Anderson)
Lara Naszinski (Eva Gordon)
Ulli Reinthaler (Jenny Clark)
Sophie d’ Aulan (Kim)
Jennifer Naud (Grace O’Neil)
Riccardo Acerbi (Fred Vernon)
Kathi Wise as Virginia [Williams]
Milijana Zirojevic’ (Kathy)
Dragan Ejelogrlic’ (Nurse Betty)
Ljiljana Blagojevic’ (Mary)
Franciska Spahic’
Dusica Zegarac’ (Ms Jones)
Zorica Lesic’
Zoran Lesic’
Rade Colovic’
Lucio Fulci [police Inspector] *

Alternative Titles

– German title
L’Énigme – French Canadian video title
Internado diabólico – Argentine title

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