Adventures of Tarzan (1921)

USA, 1921
15 x 31 reels serial
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

An American fantasy film serial directed by Robert F. Hill and Scott Sidney.


1. Jungle Romance
2. City of Gold
3. Sun Death
4. Stalking Death
5. Flames of Hate
6. The Ivory Tomb
7. The Jungle Trap
8. The Tornado
9. Fangs of the Lion
10. The Simoon
11. The Hidden Foe
12. Dynamite Trail
13. The Jungle’s Prey
14. Flaming Arrows
15. The Last Adventure


* = uncredited

Directors: Robert F. Hill, Scott Sidney
Numa Pictures Corp, Great Western Producing Co, Weiss Brothers
Producer: Louis Weiss
Script: Lillian Valentine, Robert F. Hill
Characters: Edgar Rice Burroughs
Locations: Arizona, USA
Stunts: Frank Merrill

Elmo Lincoln (Tarzan)
Louise Lorraine (Jane)
Lillian Worth (Queen La of Opar)
Frank Whitson (Rokoff)
Percy Pembroke (Clayton)
Frank Merrill (an Arab)
James Inslee
Joe Martin (ape)
Thomas Jefferson
George B. French
Gordon Griffith
Charles Guy
Kathleen Kirkham
Enid Markey
George Momberg
Maceo Bruce Sheffield
Fifi R. Lachoy
Bert Wheeler *

Sequel to
Tarzan of the Apes (1918)


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