Adventures of a Private Eye (1977)

UK, 1977
35mm film, in Gevacolor
mono, English

A British sex comedy with some horror elements directed by Stanley Long. It was the second in Long’s Adventures trilogy, following Adventures of a Taxi Driver (1975) and preceding Adventures of a Plumber’s Mate (1978), neither of which have any genre elements

Plot Summary

Left in charge of a private detective agency when his boss goes on holiday, Bob West becomes involved in a number of cases, including one that takes him to an old dark house where he meets a creepy family, members of which are dabbling in witchcraft.


Directed by: Stanley Long
© Salon Productions Ltd. MCMLXXVII [1977]
Salon Productions present
Produced by: Peter & Stanley Long
Associate Producer: Michael Armstrong
Screenplay: Michael Armstrong
Photographed by: Peter Sinclair
Edited by: Jo Gannon
Music: De Wolfe
Sound: Stan Phillips
Wardrobe: James Wakely
Make-up: Grahame Freeborn
Hair: Marsha Lewis
Art Director: Carlotta Barrow
Made on location in London

Suzy Kendall (Laura [Sutton])
Harry H. Corbett (Sydney)
Fred Emney (Sir Basil [Lemmington])
Liz Fraser (Violet)
Irene Handl (Miss Friggin)
Ian Lavender (Derek)
Julian Orchard (police cyclist)
Jon Pertwee (Judd Blake)
Adrienne Posta (Lisa Moroni)
Anna Quayle (Medea)
William Rushton (Wilfred)
Robin Stewart (Scott [Radleigh])
Diana Dors as Mrs Horne
Veronica Doran (Maud [Gubbidge])
Jonathan Adams (Inspector Hogg)
Richard Caldicot (Craddock)
Hilary Pritchard (Sally)
Angela Scoular (Jane Hogg)
Nicholas Young (Legs Luigi)
Christopher Neil as Bob West

Alternative Titles

Adventures of a Private Dick – shooting title
Mein lieber Boß, Du bist ‘ne Flasche – German title
Przygody prywatnego detektywa – Polish title
Yksityisetsivän naisseikkailut – Finnish title

Production Notes

In the UK, the film was shown at the Wardour Preview Theatre in London on 10 March 1977 for the purpose of registration with the Board of Trade under the terms of the 1960 Films Act.


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