Addicted to Murder: Tainted Blood (1998)

USA, 1998

An American horror film directed by Kevin J. Lindenmuth.

Plot Summary

Vampires live by a strict code, turning only a select few that they deem are worthy of eternal life. But a rogue vampire is on the loose in New York City, turning victims who are unworthy and it’s up to the vampire Angie Karnstein to track down the tainted creatures and find her sister who may be the one responsible for them…


Director: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Brimstone Productions
Script: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Director of Photography: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Editor: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Music: Alucarda

Sasha Graham (Angie)
Mick McCleery (Joel)
Sarah K. Lippmann (Tricia)
Ted Grayson (Jonathan)
Robbi Firestone (Jackie)
Cloud Michaels (Karen)
Joe Moretti (the hunter)
Kevin McKernon (Otis)
Santo Marotta (victim 1)
Susan Little (victim 2)
Bobbi Ashton (hitchhiker)
Scooter McCrae (Caulfield)
Tom Calovito (doctor)
John Serpe (blind date 1)
Carl Marchese (date 2)
Gary Joseph (mechanic)
R.M. Hoopes (drunk father)
Grant Kramer (victim)
Tom Nondorf (the crazy vampire guy)
Ted V. Mikels (the vampire expert)

Alternative Titles

Addicted to Murder 2: Tainted Blood

Sequel to
Addicted to Murder (1995)

Addicted to Murder 3: Blood Lust (2000)


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