Addicted to Murder (1995)

USA, 1995
colour, black and white

An American horror film directed by Kevin J. Lindenmuth.

Plot Summary

Serial killer Joel Winter’s life is changed forever when he meets the vampire Rachel in a forest. They become close friends and Joel embarks on a mission to make Rachel feel human emotions by physically assaulting her. But when Rachel leaves Joel she needs to find a new way to feel the emotions she now enjoys.


Director: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Kevin J. Lindenmuth, Brimstone Productions, Screen Edge
Producer: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Script: Kevin J. Lindenmuth, Tom Piccirilli
Director of Photography: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Editor: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Music: Steve Maruzzelli, Hector Milia
Special Make Up Effects: Derek Becker, Ron Chamberlain

Mick McCleery (Joel Winter)
Laura McLauchlin (Rachel)
Sasha Graham (Angie)
Bernadette Pauley (Kathy)
Candice Meade (Sabrina)
Jolee Becker (Allison)
Gordon Linzner (Dr Noland)
Debbie Troche (prostitute)
Morgan Ross (cop)
Rick Poli (the super)
Lori Tomlinson (babysitter)
Darrell J. Fusaro (boyfriend)
Sewell Whitney (interviewer)
Ron Ford (Polonia)
Steve Maruzzelli (bartender)
Carl Miller (homeless man)
Mark Gallagher (high-school peer)
Gary Theroux (news anchor)
Brenda Warren (hitcher)
Nick Stagliano (Mr Monroe)

Addicted to Murder: Tainted Blood (1998)
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