AD 3 Operazione Squalo Bianco (1966)

80m (France), 82m (Italy), 84m
35mm film, colour

An Italian borderline science fiction film directed by Filippo Walter Ratti using the pseudonym Stanley Lewis.

Plot Summary

A scientist has been kidnapped by a criminal organisation and is being held in a secret underwater base.


Directed by: Stanley Lewis 1real name: Filippo Walter Ratti.
© 1965 by Madison Film S.r.l.
Madison Film
Produced by: Pino Addario and Renato Vitolo
Screenplay by: Luigi Angelo
Story by: Luigi Angelo, Italo Fasan, Filippo Angelo
Director of Photography: Vitaliano Natalucci
Editor: Andreina Casini
Music by: Robbj Pointevin 2real name: Robby Pointevin.
Sound Engineer: Pietro Spadoni
Costume Designer: Mila Vitelli
Make Up: Emilio Trani
Hair: Stefano Trani
Special Effects: Agostino Pessanza
Production Designer: Demofilo Fidani

Rodd Dana (Agente AD3)
Franca Polesello (Terry)
Silla Bettini
Francesco Mulé
Jeanine Reinaud 3real name: Jeanine Reynaud.
Lucia Modugno as “Eva”
Alan Banthe
Nino Vingelli
Julian Rafferty 4real name: Giuliano Raffaelli.
Louis Moore
Robert Kurt
Fernand Angels 5real name: Fernando Angeli.
Fred Tyler
Gianni Manera
Aldo Sala

Alternative Titles

AD 3 opération requin blanc – French title
Computer für Mord – German title
Operation White Shark – US title


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