Acteon (1964)

35mm film, black and white
mono, Spanish

A Spanish fantasy film directed by Jorge Grau.

Plot Summary

Based on the Greek legend of the hunter who, after accidentally seeing the (Diana in Roman legends) bathing on Mount Cithaeron is transformed into a stag and pursued and killed by his own pack of hounds.


Director: Jorge Grau
X Films
Story: Jorge Grau
Based on the legend of Artemis (Diana), the Goddess of the Moon, and Actaeon; also based on Actaeon's Myth by Ovid
Director of Photography: Aurelio G. Larraya
Editor: Rosa G. Salgado
Music: Antonio Pérez Olea
Art Director: Miguel Narros

Simón Andreu
Pilar Clemens
Juan Luis Galiardo
Claudia Gravy
Martin LaSalle
Guillermo Méndez
Virginia Quintana
Nieves Salcedo
Iván Tubau



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