Ace of Scotland Yard (1929)

USA, 1929
10 chapter serial
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American fantasy film serial directed by Ray Taylor.

Plot Summary

Retired Inspector Blake of Scotland Yard learns that Lord Blanton owns a sacred but cursed “Love Ring” and try to protect him from Prince Darius and The Queen of Diamonds who are both after the ring for themselves. Darius believes that Lady Diana Blanton is the reincarnation of his beloved Princess Xah Fari and uses his powerful hypnotic abilities on her.


Directed by: Ray Taylor
Carl Laemmle presents. Universal Pictures
Produced by: Henry MacRae
Scenario: Harold M. Atkinson
Director of Photography: John Hickson
Editor: Alvin Todd

Crauford Kent (Inspector Angus Blake)
Florence Allen (Lady Diana Blanton)
Albert Priscoe (Prince Darius)
Monte Montague (Jarvis)
Grace Cunard (Mary Duveen, Queen of Diamonds)
Herbert Prior (Lord Blanton)

Alternative Titles

Daimonios astynomos – Greece
Ruder Dame – Denmark



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