Accidents (1988)

South Africa, USA, France,
35mm film, colour

A South African/American/French science fiction film directed by Gideon Amir.

Plot Summary

A research scientist finds out that the secret project he has been working on has been taken over by the who want to use it for their own ends. Then his co-workers start meeting untimely ends following mysterious “accidents”…


Director: Gideon Amir
Elmo De Witt/Scout Prods
Executive Producer: Elmo De Witt
Producer: Stanley Roup
Script: John T. Eubank
Director of Photography: Norman Leigh
Editor: Ettie M. Feldman
Music: Bruce Cassidy
Sound: Axel Arft
Make Up: Heather Warman
Special Effects: Alan Munro, Max Pullman
Flying Effects: Mitch Suskin, Anthony House
Scout Designed by: Alan Munro
Laser Effects: Rick Cresswell, Conrad DuToit
Production Designer: Robert Jenkinson

Edward Albert (Eddie Powers)
Leigh Taylor-Young (Beryl Chambers)
Jon Cypher (James Hughes)
Ian Yule (Zimmer)
Candicé Hillebrand (Rebecca Powers)
Tony Caprari (Siroka)
Gordon Mulholland (Tom Black)
Robin Smith (Raymond Oscar)
Paddy Smythe (Harvey Smythe)
Lynne White (Mrs Hughes)
Bruce Scott-Sirota (Mark Fournace)
Allan Pierce (Pierce)
Jeff Fannell (Baldwin)
Shirley Johnston (Jane Fournace)
Jonathan Fairburn (Fournace's son)
Nadia Bilchik (Lorraine)
Valerie Dunlop (Mrs Black)
Charles Comyn (drummer)
Angélique Hillebrand (Angela)
Lynita Crofford (Susan)
Graham Stuart (gardener)
Warren Batchelor (marine 1)
Majri Cameron (maid)
Martin James (priest)

Alternative Titles

Accidents… der Tod kennt keinen Zufall – Germany
Den Farliga vetskapen – Sweden
Kuolema ottaa omansa – Finland
Offren – Sweden (television)
Der Todesfaktor – Germany



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