Acceptable Risks (1986)

USA, 2 March 1986
mono, English

An American science fiction television film directed by Rick Wallace.


A major chemical spill happens in the city of Oakbridge caused by shortcuts taken by Don Sheppard, the production manager at Citichem, a chemicals production plant on the edge of town. The highly toxic chemicals are soon affecting everyone in the city and Citichem are desperate to cover up the accident.


Director: Rick Wallace
Production Executive: Michael R. Joyce
Producer: R.W. Goodwin
Production Manager: Hal Klein
Script: Norman Strum
1st Assistant Director: Craig Huston
2nd Assistant Director: Richard H. Prince
2nd 2nd Assistant Director: Christine Larson
Director of Photography: John McPherson
Camera Operator: Norman G. Langley
Gaffer: Jack S. Schlosser
Key Grip: Ron Record
Grip: William E. Fitch
Labs: CFI, Hollywood, USA
Editor: Michael Jablow
Assistant Editor: Vaune Kirby Frechette
Post Production Supervisor: David McCann
Music: Mark Snow
Music Editor: Ken Johnson
Production Sound Mixer: Bill Marky
Re-Recording Mixer: Gary C. Bourgeois
Sound Editor: Dino Dimuro
Costume Designer: John S. Perry
Costume Supervisor: Dianne Cohoon
Mens Costume Supervisor: Bill Flores
Make Up: Tony Lane
Hair: Joan Phillips
Special Effects: Charles E. Dolan, Alan E. Lorimer
Production Designer: James Hulsey
Set Designer: James E. Tocci
Set Decorator: John Franco Jr
Property Master: Horst Grandt
Construction Foreman: Van C. Unger
Title Designer: Penelope Gottlieb
Script Supervisor: Alvin Greenman
Assistant to Rick Wallace: Fayanne Kanner
Assistant to Producer: Jolie Shartin
Technical Advisor: Frank J. Lockhart
Transportation Coordinator: Andy Straub
Locations: California, USA
Location Managers: Robert Eggenweiler, John Panzarella
Stunt Coordinator: Jesse Wayne
Casting: Ross Brown, Mary West

Brian Dennehy (Don Sheppard)
Kenneth McMillan (Wes Boggs)
Christine Ebersole (Lee Snyder)
Beah Richards (Sally Framm)
Richard Gilliland (David Kohler)
Vic Polizos (Lou Keller)
Peter Jurasik (Jack Morris)
Cicely Tyson (Janet Framm)
Patti Cohoon (Ann Kohler)
Steve Eastin (Jerry Haywood)
Richard McKenzie (Mayor Earl Ross)
Tom Simcox (Joe Reed)
Scott Curtis (Kenny Kohler)
Charna Felthous (Patty Kohler)
Edan Gross (Jake Snyder)
John Ingle (Dr Shaw)
Lorinne Vozoff (Mrs Quealy)
Richard E. Young (Tom Davidson)
Richard Livingston (police chief)
Harvey Vernon (fire chief)
Lou Felder (Jeremiah Coyle)
Mary Gregory (councilwoman)
Dale Harimoto (announcer)
Brenda Hillhouse (nurse)
Max Segar (Mr Hughes)
Scott St James (2nd announcer)
Robert Broyles (2nd councilman)
Karen Follis (distraught woman)
Patricia George (screaming woman)
Ann Hoffman (school teacher)
Frank Jenkins (Hal)
Jeffrey Lampert (man 2 at hospital)
Sherry McFarland (woman 2 at hospital)
James McIntire (man in control room)
David Michael O’Neill (priest)
Charles Quertermous (young councilman)
Roger Rook (man 1 at hospital)

Alternative Titles

Restrisiko – Germany
Zona pericolo – Italy



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