Absolution (1978)

35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Anthony Page.

Plot Summary

At an English Catholic boy's school, Benjie Stanfield plays a deadly practical joke on his teacher Father Goddard. He claims, in confession, to have accidentally murdered his friend Blakey and buried his body in the nearby forest. Goddard investigates and uncovers what seems to be a body – but is it what is seems? And can Benjie keep his joke under control and prevent it from becoming reality?


Directed by: Anthony Page
© Bulldog Productions Ltd MCMLXXVIII [1978]
Elliot Kastner and Danny O'Donovan present
Executive Producers: George Pappas, Alan Cluer
Producer: Danny O'Donovan and Elliot Kastner
Associate Producer: Denis Holt
Screenplay by: Anthony Schaffer
Photographed by: John Coquillon
Film Editor: John Victor Smith
Music Composed and Conducted by: Stanley Myers
Sound Recordists: Peter Handford, Ken Barker
Costume Designer: Anne Gainsford
Make-up: Freddie Williamson
Hairdresser: Betty Glasow
Production Designer: Natasha Kroll
Casting: Celestia Fox
Filmed on location in England and at Pinewood Studios, London, England

Richard Burton (Father Goddard)
Dominic Guard (Benjie Stanfield)
Dai Bradley (Arthur Dyson)
Andrew Keir (the headmaster)
Billy Connolly as Blakey
Willoughby Gray (Brigadier Walsh)
Hilda Fenemore (Mrs Hoskins)
Sharon Duce (Louella)
Hilary Mason (Mrs Froggatt)
Robert Addie (Cawley)
Trevor Martin (Gladstone)
Robin Soans (Father Henryson)
Preston Lockwood (Father Hibbert)
James Ottaway (Father Matthews)
Brook Williams (Father Clarence)
Jon Plowman (Father Piers)
Brian Glover, Dan Meaden (police constables)
Kevin Hart (Petersen)
Philip Leake (Gregory)
Michael Crompton (O'Dowd)
Andrew Boxer, Charles Rigby, Richard Willis, Michael Bell, Michael Parkhouse, Martin Stringer, Richard Kates, Francis Fry, Martyn Hesford, Julian Firth, Clive Gehle, Tim Short (other boys)

Alternative Titles

Absolución – Spanish title
Absolvição – Portugese title
Murder by Confession – alternative title
Rozgrzeszenie – Polish title


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