Absolute Aggression (1996)

USA, 1996

An American science fiction film directed by J. Christian Ingvordsen.

Plot Summary

In the near future, the American prison system has been privatised. In a prison, the inmates bodies are stored in suspended animation while their minds are forced to take part in deadly games, battling wealthy sportsmen in a computer generated environment.


Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen
Cyber Vengeance L.P.
Executive Producers: C. Steven Duncker, Alan M. Solomon, Gary L. Zwerling
Producers: Matthew M. Howe, J. Christian Ingvordsen
Script: Matthew M. Howe, J. Christian Ingvordsen
Director of Photography: Matthew M. Howe
Editor: Jonah Kaplan
Music: Darren Solomon

Robert Davi (R. D. Crowley)
J. Christian Ingvordsen (Heinz Dietrich)
Amy Lynn Baxter
Joan Gerardi (Viking maiden)
Kelly Gleeson
Brandon Forde [real name: Ronnie Kerr] (Lugosi)
Scooter McCrae
Glenn Schuld (Rourke)
Stephen Tartaglia
Kayle Watson