Aberration (1997)

New Zealand, UK,
35mm, colour, 1.37:1
Dolby, English

An New Zealand/British horror film directed by Tim Boxell. It was co-produced by Grundy Films, a New Zealand based subsidiary of Reg Grundy's international media operation, and the London based Victor Film Company.

Plot Summary

Amy, looking for solitude after a bad time in the city, returns to the remote mountain cabin where she lived as a child. But things are not as they seem – there are holes in the walls and her pet cat is jumpy, forever stalking something it seems to believe is under the floorboards. Nearby, a young biologist, Marshall is gathering samples in the , seeking an explanation for the destruction of the local fauna. He teams up with Amy and they discover a species of vicious lizard-like creatures with a venomous bite infesting her cabin. Marshall discovers that the creatures are mutating, growing larger and ever more powerful but is blinded by one of creatures who spits in his face, leaving Amy alone to tackle both them and a mad Russian who suddenly turns up…


Directed by: Tim Boxell
© Grundy Films Ltd., 1997 (Australia and New Zealand)
© Grundy International Operations B.V. (Rest of the World)
Grundy Films and Victor Film Company present a Grundy Films production. A Tim Boxell film
Executive Producers: Alasdair Waddell & Ian Ousey
Producer: Chris Brown
New Zealand Producer: Tim Sanders
Co-producer: Scott Lew
Associate Producers: Laura Friedman & Mary Vernieu
Written by: Darrin Oura & Scott Lew
Director of Photography: Allen Guilford
Editor: John Gilbert
Music by: Plan 9 [opening credits]; Original Music Composed by: David Donaldson, Janet Roddick, Steve Roche
Sound Recordist: Ray Beentjes
Wardrobe Designer: Chris Elliot
Make-up/Hair Supervisor: Di Lofthouse
Creature Effects Designers: David Riley, Daniel Perry
Production Designer: Grant Major

Pamela Gidley (Amy Harding)
Simon Bossell (Marshall Clarke)
Valery Nikolaev (Uri Romanov)
Helen Moulder (Mrs Miller)
Norman Forsey (Mr Peterson)
Merlin the cat

Alternative Titles

Echsenjagd Etwas Ãœberlebt Immer – German title
Spur des Grauens – German title


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