Abducted II: The Reunion (1994)

35mm film, colour

A Canadian horror film directed by Boon Collins.

Plot Summary

Three college friends get together for a reunion in a Canadian national park and fall prey to a masked lunatic who abducts them, planning to take one of them as a wife.


Directed by: Boon Collins
© Reunion Productions Ltd. 1994
Melenny Productions, Inc. in association with Arrow Entertainment Inc. presents a Boon Collins film
Executive Producer: Benjamin Bruberg, David Gil
Produced by: Richard Goudreau, Boon Collins
Line Producer: Dan Tohill
Associate Producer: Kenneth Kantymir, Louie Edward Lawless
Screenplay by: Boon Collins, Lindsay Bourne
Director of Photography: Danny Nowak
Editor: Rick Martin
Music by: Ronald J. Weiss
Sound Recordist: Roger Stafeckis
Wardrobe Supervisor: Margaret E. Perry
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Tone Rorvik
Special Effects Coordinator: Doug Perry
Production Designer: Ellen Bennett

Dan Haggerty (Joe Evans)
Jan-Michael Vincent (Brad Allen)
Raquel Bianca (Maria Marcolini)
Debbie Rochon (Sharon Baker)
Donna Jason (Ingrid Weinhard)
Nicholas Buchart (Jack Webster)
Jim Leard (Harry)
Lawrence King as Vern
Jody Andrews (Harry's mother)
Kenneth Kantymir (hunter)
Marcus James (Italian lover)

Alternative Titles

Enführt und gepeinigt 2 – Ferien des Grauens – German title

Sequel to
Abducted (1986)