Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (1955)

USA, 1955
77m, 6957 ft, 2120 metres
35mm, black and white, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American comedy horror film directed by Charles Lamont.

Plot Summary

The discovery of an ancient medallion and the murder of an archaeologist lead two Americans in Egypt to an encounter with a mummy…


Directed by: Charles Lamont
© MCMLV [1955] by Universal Pictures Company Inc
Universal-International presents
Produced by: Howard Christie
Screenplay by: John Grant
Story by: Lee Loeb
Assistant Director: Peter Bowles
Director of Photography: George Robinson
Film Editor: Russell Schoengarth
Music Supervision by: Joseph Gershenson
Music: Irving Gertz [uncredited], Henry Mancini [uncredited], Lou Maury [uncredited], Hans J. Salter [uncredited]
Song Performed by: Peggy King [uncredited]
Sound: Leslie I. Carey, Robert Pritchard
Western Electric Recording
Gowns: Rosemary Odell
Make-Up: Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist: Joan St Oegger
Special Photography: Clifford Stine
Art Direction: Alexander Golitzen, Bill Newberry
Set Decorations: Russell A. Gausman, James M. Walters

Bud Abbott (Peter Patterson)
Lou Costello (Freddie Franklin)
Marie Windsor (Madame Rontru)
Michael Ansara (Charlie)
Dan Seymour (Josef)
Richard Deacon (Semu)
Kurt Katch (Dr Gustav Zoomer)
Richard Karlan (Hetsut)
Mel Welles (Iben)
George Khoury (Habid)
Edwin Parker (Klaris, the mummy)
The Mazzone Abbott Dancers
Chandra Kaly and His Dancers
Peggy King (vocalist)
Kenneth Alton, Kem Dibbs, Mitchell Kowall [policeman – uncredited]
Morris Ankrum
Jan Arvan [waiter – uncredited]
Carole Costello [flower girl – uncredited]
Ted Hecht
Donald Kerr [newspaperman – uncredited]
Sharon Lee [blonde – uncredited]
Hank Mann [waiter with flaming kabob – uncredited]
Paul Marion
Robin Morse
Michael Vallon [Dr Azzui – uncredited]
Veola Vonn [French-speaking cafe showgirl – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Abbott and Costello spotykaja mumie – Polish title
Abbott e Costello e a Múmia – Portugese title
Abbott ja Costello Egyptissä – Finnish title
Abbott und Costello als Mumienräuber – German title
Abbott y Costello contra la momia – Chilean title
Meet the Mummy
Il mistero della piramide
– Italian title

See also
The Mummy (1932)

Extracts included in
The World of Abbott and Costello (1965)


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