Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1953)

USA, 1953
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American comedy horror film directed by Charles Lamont.

Plot Summary

London is plagued by a series of mysterious killings. Smooth talking, two fisted American journalist Bruce Adams teams up with Slim and Tubby, a pair of dimwit cops on loan from an American police force to learn British policing methods, to help solve the crimes. Vicky Edwards, leader of a suffragette movement, strikes up a relationship with Adams, unaware that her guardian, Dr Jekyll, is the perpetrator of the heinous murders. Slim and Tubby are dismissed from the force on account of their staggering ineptitude and set about ingratiating their way back into their commanding officers good books by independently bringing the killer to book.


Directed by: Charles Lamont
Copyright MCMLIII [1953] by Universal Pictures Company, Inc.
Universal-International presents a Universal-International picture
Produced by: Howard Christie
Screenplay by: Leo Loeb and John Grant
Based on stories by: Sidney Fields and Grant Garrett
Characters: Robert Louis Stevenson [uncredited]
Assistant Director: William Holland
Dialogue Director: Milt Bronson [uncredited]
Director of Photography: George Robinson
Film Editor: Russell Schoengarth
Musical Direction: Joseph Gershenson
Music: Miklos Rozsa (from Kiss the Blood Off My Hands); Hans J. Salter; Frank Skinner (uncredited); Eric Zeisl [all uncredited]
Sound: Leslie I. Carey, Robert Pritchard
Western Electric Recording
Costumes: Rosemary Odell
Make-Up: Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist: Joan St. Oegger
Mask Designer: Millicent Patrick [uncredited]
Special Photography: David S. Horsley
Art Direction: Bernard Herzbrun, Eric Orbom
Set Decorations: Russell A. Gausman, John Austin
Dance Director: Kenny Williams
Stunts: Eddie Parker (Mr Hyde) [uncredited]
Stunt Pedestrians: John Daheim, Bert LeBaron, Teddy Mangean, David Sharpe, Ken Terrell, Sailor Vincent, Al Wyatt [all uncredited]

Bud Abbott (Slim)
Boris Karloff (Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde)
Craig Stevens (Bruce Adams)
Helen Westcott (Vicky Edwards)
Reginald Denny (Inspector)
John Dierkes (Natley)
Pattie McKay, Betty Tyler, Lucille Lamarr [can-can dancers – uncredited]
Henry Corden [actor in Javanese costume – uncredited]
Harry Cording [rough character in park – uncredited]
Carmen De Lavallade [Javanese actress – uncredited]
Marjorie Bennett [militant woman on soapbox – uncredited]
Arthur Gould-Porter [bartender – uncredited]
Clyde Cook, John Rogers [drunks in pub – uncredited]
Herbert Deans [Dr Stephen J. Poole – uncredited]
Gil Perkins [Oscar – uncredited]
Judith Brian [woman on bike – uncredited]
Hilda Plowright [nursemaid – uncredited]
Betty Fairfax [suffragette – uncredited]
James Aubrey [sleeping man in park – uncredited]
Susan Randall [girl – uncredited]
Harry Wilson [man with match – uncredited]
Wilson Benge [stage doorman – uncredited]
Michael Hadlow, Tony Marsh, Clive Morgan [bobbies – uncredited]
Isabelle Dwan [Mrs Penprase – uncredited]
Al Ferguson [Watkins the coachman – uncredited]
Keith Hitchcock [jailer – uncredited]
Duke Johnson [juggler – uncredited]
Donald Kerr [chimney sweep – uncredited]
Ken Terrell, John Daheim [hecklers in park – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Abbott en Costelle Ontmoeten Dr Jekyll en Mr Hyde – Dutch title
Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde – working title
Gianni e Pinotto contro il dottor Jekyll – Italian title

Extracts included in
Coming Soon (1982)



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