Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion (1950)

82m, 7147 feet
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American comedy film with fantasy sequences directed by Charles Lamont.

Plot Summary

Jonesy and Lou travel to Algeria in search of a missing wrestler they are supposed to be promoting and are tricked into joining the .


* = uncredited

Director: Charles Lamont
© Universal Pictures Co., Inc. 1950
Universal-International Pictures Co., Inc.
Producer: Robert Arthur
Production Manager: Edward Dodds *
Script: John Grant, Martin Ragaway, Leonard Stern
Story: D.D. Beauchamp
Assistant Director: Milton Carter
Director of Photography: George Robinson
Camera Operator: Lloyd Ward *
Gaffer: Irving Smith *
Grip: Charles Cowie *
Stills: Eddie Jones *
Editor: Frank Gross
Musical Director: Joseph Gershenson
Music: Daniele Amfitheatrof *, Elizabeth Firestone (from Once More, My Darling (1949)), Johnny Green (from Something in the Wind (1947)), Milton Rosen *, Hans J. Salter *, Paul Sawtell *, Walter Scharf *, Walter Schumann *, Frank Skinner *, Edward Ward *
Sound: Leslie I. Carey, Robert Pritchard
Western Electric Recording
Make Up: Bud Westmore
Hair: Joan St Oegger
Special Photographic Effects: David S. Horsley
Special Effects: Carl Lee *
Art Director: Bernard Herzbrun, Eric Orbom
Set Decorators: Russell A. Gausman, Ray Jeffers
Technical Advisor: Mahmud Shaikhaly

Bud Abbott (Bud Jones)
Lou Costello (Lou Hotchkiss)
Patricia Medina (Nicole)
Walter Slezak (Sergeant Axmann)
Douglass Dumbrille (Hamud El Khalid)
Leon Belasco (Hassam)
Marc Lawrence (Frankie)
Wee Willie Davis (Abdullah)
Tor Johnson (Abou Ben)
Sammy Menacker (Bertram)
Jack Raymond (Ali Ami)
Fred Nurney (Commandant)
Paul Fierro (Ibn)
Henry Corden (Ibrim)
Bobby Barber [man – uncredited]
Guy Beach [Saleem with false teeth] *
John Cliff [man] *
David Gorcey [newsboy] *
Chuck Hamilton, Ernesto Morelli, Jack Shutta [thugs] *
Charmienne Harker [Arab girl] *
Ted Hecht [Kool Haven proprietor] *
Alberto Morin [lieutenant] *
Buddy Roosevelt [orderly] *
Dan Seymour [Josef] *
Mahmud Shaikhaly [referee] *
Jeff Chandler [voice of narrator] *

Alternative Titles

Abbott und Costello als Legionäre – German title
Gianni e Pinotto nella legione straniera – Italian title
Abbott ja Costello muukalaislegioonassa – Finnish title
Abbott e Costello na Legião Estrangeira – Portugese title

Extracts included in
The World of Abbott and Costello (1965)



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