A View to a Kill (1985)

35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), Metrocolor, 2.35:1
Dolby Stereo, English

A British borderline science fiction film directed by John Glen.

Plot Summary

goes up against a megalomaniac electronics magnate trying to create a worldwide monopoly on by artificially inducing along the San Andreas and Hayward faults, .


Director: John Glen
Eon Productions, MGM-UA Entertainment
Producers: Albert R. Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson
Associate Producer: Thomas Pevsner
Script: Richard Maibaum, Michael G. Wilson
Characters: Ian Fleming
2nd Unit Director: Arthur G. Wooster
Director of Photography: Alan Hume
Editor: Peter Dawes
Music: John Barry
Song: Duran Duran, John Barry
A View to a Kill Performed by: Duran Duran
Sound Recording: Derek Ball
Costume Designer: Emma Porteous
Make Up Supervisor: George Frost
Hair Supervisor: Ramon Gow
Special Effects Supervisor: John Richardson
Computer Effects: Ira Curtis Coleman
Production Designer: Peter Lamont
Action Sequence Arranger: Martin Grace

Roger Moore (James Bond)
Christopher Walken (Max Zorin)
Tanya Roberts (Stacey Sutton)
Grace Jones (May Day)
Patrick MacNee (Tibbett)
Patrick Bauchau (Scarpine)
David Yip (Chuck Lee)
Fiona Fullerton (Pola Ivanova)
Manning Redwood (Bob Conley)
Alison Doody (Jenny Flex)
Willoughby Gray (Dr Carl Mortner)
Desmond Llewellyn (Q)
Robert Brown (M)
Lois Maxwell (Miss Moneypenny)
Walter Gotell (General Gogol)
Geoffrey Keen (minister of defence)
Jean Rougerie (Aubergine)
Daniel Benzali (Howe)
Bogdan Kominowski (Klotkoff)
Papillon Soo Soo (Pan Ho)

Alternative Titles

Agente 007, bersaglio mobile – Italian title
From a View to a Kill – early title
Im Angesicht des Todes – German title
James Bond 007 – Im Angesicht des Todes – German title

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