A Time to be Born (1953)

UK, 24 December 1953
broadcast live, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television special.


Produced by: Stanley Haynes
A Play by: P.D. Cummins
Settings by: Lawrence Broadhouse

Richard Pearson (Joseph)
Margaret King-Farlow (Mary)
John Le Mesurier (an innkeeper)
Grazina Obrycka (a servant girl)
Christopher Tenrington (the shepherd child)
Irene Handl (his mother)
Mark Dignam (his father)
Eric Lander, Timothy Bateson (his brothers)
Denis McCarthy (three wise men – Melchior)
Jack Gwillam (three wise men – Kaspar)
John Akar (three wise men – Balthasar)