A Taste of Blood (1967)

USA, 1967
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Plot Summary

Miami businessman John Stone drinks some Slivovitz brandy which turns him into a vampire. He puts his wife Helena in a trance and sets off for England to track down and kill the descendants of vampire slayer Van Helsing. Meanwhile, Howard Helsing is tracking down Stone…


Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Creative Film Enterprises Inc
Executive Producer: Sidney J. Reich
Producer: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Script: Donald Stanford
Director of Photography: Andy Romanoff
Editor: Richard Brinkman
Musical Director: Larry Wellington
Sound Recordist: Alan Tadie
Locations: Miami, Florida, USA

Bill Rogers (John Stone)
Elizabeth Wilkinson (Helene Stone)
Thomas Wood [real name: William Kerwin] (Dr Hank Tyson)
Lawrence Tobin (Detective Crane)
Ted Schell (Lord Gold)
Otto Schlessinger (Dr Howard Helsing)
Eleanor Valli (Hester Avery)
Gail Janis (Vivian)
Seymour Sheldon [real name: Herschell Gordon Lewis] (the Limey seaman/voice of Baron Khron)
Judy Waterberry (Ida)
Dolores Carlos (Sherri Morris)
Roy Collodi (delivery man)
Karl Stoeber (man walking dog)
Thomas Rowland (detective)
Sidney Jaye [real name: Sidney J. Reich] (Arthur Morris)
Barrie Walton (telephone operator)
Cal Bowman (Hank’s golfing friend)
Doug Weston (Police photographer)
Jake R. Pawlson (policeman)
Bill Kozak (man running from tomb)

Extracts included in
Extra Weird (2003)



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