A Study in Terror (1965)

90m 37s [UK – video], 94m 17s [UK – theatrical prior to unspecified BBFC cuts], 95m
35mm film, “photographed in Eastman Colour”, 1.85:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by James Hill.

Plot Summary

is stalking the streets of , killing apparently at random. The police are baffled and the locals are up in arms. Elsewhere, is investigating the disappearance of a baronet's son and finds himself tracking clues that bring him to the trail of the infamous Whitechapel murderer. But there's more to this case than meets the eye and even the great detective himself could find this a hard one to crack…


* = uncredited

Directed by: James Hill
© Copyright 1965 by Compton-Tekli Film Productions Ltd. and Sir Nigel Films Ltd.
Michael Klinger and Tony Tenser present a Compton/Sir Nigel Films production
Executive Producer: Herman Cohen
Produced by: Henry E. Lester
Associate Producer: Sam Waynberg
Production Supervisor: Robert Sterne
Original Story and Screenplay by: Donald & Derek Ford
Based on the Characters Created by: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Assistant Director: Barry Langley
Continuity: Gladys Goldsmith
Director of Photography: Desmond Dickinson
Camera Operator: Norman Jones
Film Editor: Henry Richardson
Music Composed and Conducted by: John Scott
Sound Supervisor: John Cox
Sound Mixer: H.L. Bird
Sound Editor: Jim Roddan
Westrex Recording System
Costumes by: Motley
Wardrobe: Laurel Stappell, Larry Stewart
Make-Up: Tom Smith
Hairdresser: Gladys Leakey
Special Effects: Wally Veevers
Production Designer: Vetchinsky [real name: Alex Vetchinsky]
Set Dresser: Helen Thomas
Made at Shepperton Studios, England and on location at Osterley Park
Casting: Maude Spector

John Neville as Sherlock Holmes
Donald Houston as Doctor Watson
John Fraser (Lord Carfax)
Anthony Quayle (Doctor Murray)
Barbara Windsor (Annie Chapman)
Adrienne Corri (Angela)
Frank Finlay (Inspector Lestrade)
Judi Dench (Sally)
Charles Regnier (Joseph Beck)
Cecil Parker (Prime Minister)
Georgia Brown (singer)
Barry Jones (Duke of Shires)
Robert Morley (Mycroft Holmes)
Dudley Foster (home secretary)
Peter Carsten (Max Steiner)
Christiane Maybach (Polly Nichols)
Kay Walsh (Cathy Eddowes)
John Cairney (Michael Osborne)
Edina Ronay (Mary Kelly)
Avis Bunnage (landlady)
Barbara Leake (Mrs Hudson)
Patrick Newell (P.C. Benson)
Norma Foster (Liz Stride)
Terry Downes (Chunky)
Jeremy Lloyd [Rupert] *
Corin Redgrave [Rupert's friend] *
Donna White [1st streetwalker] *

Alternative Titles

Fog – working title
Sherlock Holmes and the House of Ill Repute
Sherlock Holmes and the Vice Murders
Sherlock Holmes größter Fall – Germany
Sherlock Holmes: notti di terrore – Italy

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