A Santa for Christmas (1957)

black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television special directed by Brian Tesler.

Plot Summary

Described by the TV Times listing magazine as “a seasonal fantasy”.


Director: Brian Tesler
Executive Producer: Bill Ward
Producer: Brian Tesler
Written by: Sid Colin, Jimmy Grafton
Musical Associate: Kenny Powell
Designer: Tom Lingwood, Anthony Waller
Dance Direction: Eleanor Fazan

Dickie Henderson
Joyce Blair
Joan Savage
The Eleanor Fazan Dancers
Jack Parnell and his Orchestra
Anthea Askey
Arthur Haynes
Arthur Askey
Tommy Cooper
Avril Angers
Leslie Mitchell
Donald Gray
Diana Decker
William Hartnell
Geoffrey Sumner
Paddie O'Neil
Robin Bailey
Michael Miles
Hughie Green
David Jacobs
Irene Handl
Pat Coombs
Freddie Mills
Jack Solomons
Alfred Marks
Bill Owen
Danny Green
Len Harvey
Eric Boon
Kid Lewis
Billy Wells
Dave Crowley
Val Parnell
Norman Wisdom
Johnnie Ray
Shani Wallis
Joan Regan
Rosemary Miller
Jill Browne
Charles Tingwell
Glyn Owen
Frederick Bartman