À pied, à cheval et en spoutnik (1958)

France, 1958
35mm film, black and white
mono, French

A French comedy science fiction film directed by Jean Dréville.

Plot Summary

When he loses his memory following a traffic accident Leon Martin finds a crashed Sputnik, complete with dog “astronaut” in his garden.


A film by: Jean Dréville
Cinedis presents. Les Films Jean-Jacques Vital, Régina S.A., Filmsonor S.A.. Distributed by Cinedis
Producer: Jean-Jacques Vital
Adapted for the Screen and Dialogue by: Jacques Grello and Robert Rocca
With the Collaboration of: Noël-Noël
Original Story by: Jean-Jacques Vital
Director of Photography: André Bac
Supervising Editor: Jean Feyte
Music: Paul Misraki
Supervising Sound Engineer: P.H. Goumy [real name: Pierre-Henri Goumy]
Make-up: Claude Uselman, Alexandre Ranecky
Models and Special Effects: Nicolas Wilcke
Art Director: Serge Piménoff

Noël-Noël (Léon Martin)
Denise Grey (Marguerite Martin)
Francis Blanche (Chazot)
Natalie Nerval (Dina)
Constantin Nepo (ambassador)
Robert Lombard (policeman)
Pauline Carton (Marie)
Harry Max (doctor)
Serge Nadaud (cultural attaché)
Henri Coutet
Sophie Daumier (Mireille Martin)
Gil Vidal (Paul)
Mischa Auer (Papov)

Alternative Titles

A pé, a cavalo e de Sputnik – Portugal
A Dog, a Mouse, and a Sputnik – USA (reissue)
Hold Tight for the Satellite – UK
Sputnik – Finland
Sputnik – USA
Der Unfreiwillige Raketenflieger – West Germany



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