A Message from Mars (1913)

UK, 1913
4000 feet/1219 metres
35mm film, black and white

A British science fiction film directed by J. Wallett Waller. The story owes something to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Plot Summary

A Martian is sent to earth to help a selfish man see the error of his ways.


* = uncredited

Director: J. Wallett Waller
United Kingdom Films
Produced by: J. Wallett Waller, Nicholas Ormsby-Scott
Adapted by: J. Wallett Waller
Original Play by: Richard Ganthony

Mr Charles Hawtrey (Horace Parker)
Mr Holman Clark (the messenger)
Mr Hubert Willis (tramp)
Miss Chrissie Bell (Minnie)
Miss Kate Tyndall (Aunt Martha)
Frank Hector (Arthur Dicey)
Evelyn Beaumont (Bella)
Eileen Temple (Mrs Clarence)
R. Crompton (God of Mars)
B. Stanmore (wounded man)
Antonia Reith (his wife)
Arthur Williams *



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