A.LI.CE (1999)

DLP Projection System, colour

A Japanese animated science fiction film directed by Kenichi Maejima. It was the first feature length, entirely CG animated film made in Japan.

Plot Summary

Alice wins the Lunar Sweepstakes and becomes the youngest person to go into space. But her shuttle crashes near the North Pole leaving her the only survivor except for the robot stewardess Maria. Alice and Maria are attacked by strange scavengers and rescued by Yuan, a teenager who reveals that it's now 30 years into and that the world is now ruled by the dictator Nero and his artificial intelligence SS10X. And Alice soon comes to realise that she is not quite who she thought she was…


Director: Kenichi Maejima
Gaga Communications
Executive Producer: Tetsuya Fujimura
Planning: Kazuhiko Tanaka, Yoichi Sakai
Script: Masahiro Yoshimoto
Original Plan: Tomoo Ito, Masahiro Yoshimoto
Music: Akira Murata
Art Director: Hirosuke Kizaki

Kari Shimizu (Alice)
Mariko Kokufu (Maria)
Chihiro Suzuki (Yuan)
Yuko Miyamura (Yumi)
Fumihiko Tachiki (Nicholai)
Ryo Horikawa (Nero)
Urara Takano (Kasuba)



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